About Zina

Zina Ramirez is a self-taught freelance artist and web developer. She is a 2010 graduate of the Vancouver Arts & Academics high school, located in Vancouver, Washington. Growing up the in Pacific Northwest, Zina has a passion for nature and animals which comes through in her artwork. While primarily painting digitally, Zina prefers acrylic paint and airbrushing as her favorite mediums. She has been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil, focusing on animal portraits and fantasy settings.

During high school, Zina became interested in creating websites with HTML. Since then, her skillset in web development has grown considerably. She is familiar with the newest trends in web technology and enjoys web design and web programming. She is currently devoting her time to learning the Python language. Zina aspires to become a software engineer.

Art Commissions and Pricing

Zina is often available for art commissions. Pricing for commissions ranges from $15 and up, depending heavily on medium and scale of the project. Please contact for specific quotes.

Web Development Pricing

For quotes on web development, please visit the Free Quote page. Generally, web development is priced at $15 per hour, with fixed rates available.