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Aug 1, 2014

After installing Arch Linux on my machine the other day, I decided I wanted to try Kubuntu instead. However, I didn't come to that conclusion before reading in the Arch Wikipedia that it's relatively easy to customize the bootloader GRUB. At least, it's easy to change some colors and put a background image on it.

In plain terms: I wanted to make it pretty just because.

As a result, I booted into Windows and spent several hours drawing this elk. After I got started, I realized the background, which I had taken from somewhere else, wasn't good enough. I went outside and took a picture of my balcony, adjusted the colors a bit, and there we go. 

Of course, credit where credit is due. I can't draw an elk that well-proportioned off the top of my head. This was my reference: 
Now, I'm planning a series in identical style and imagery with different animals. It's good practice for my reference drawing (copy) skills.